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Dr Karl's Little Book of Trivia 101 - Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Dr Karl's Little Book of Trivia 101

By Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

  • Release Date: 2015-08-13
  • Genre: Science & Nature
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Why do stars seem to twinkle?
Where do all the teaspoons go?
Why is the Giant Panda so paradoxical?
Why does dark matter matter?

The world around (and inside) us is completely astonishing.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, the most esteemed science communicator in Australia, has chosen 101 fascinating facts from his bestselling books to delight and intrigue you.

Taking a microscope to everyday science he gives us insights into the surprising origins of the "selfie", the rise and rise of 3D printing, how a nit is hatched by massive amounts of farting, why humans are basically fat doughnuts, and how you can stop milk from spoiling by dropping a Russian brown frog into it.
These are things you need to know.

These are things you don't even know you need to know.

A riveting ride through the extraordinary world of science.

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