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The Soul-Winner's Secret - Samuel Logan Brengle

The Soul-Winner's Secret

By Samuel Logan Brengle

  • Release Date: 2015-09-05
  • Genre: Christianity
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About the author: Samuel Logan Brengle (1860–1936) was a commissioner in The Salvation Army and a leading author, teacher and preacher on the doctrine of Holiness. His books include The Soul Winner's Secret, Helps to Holiness and Heart Talks on Holiness. (from Wikipedia)

Brengle was a prolific author, whose works were recommended by the late Leonard Ravenhill.

This edition includes: Active table of contents.

Chapter 1: The Personal Experience Of The Soul Winner
Chapter 2: Obedience
Chapter 3: Prayer
Chapter 4: Zeal
Chapter 5: Spiritual Leadership
Chapter 6: Redeeming The Time
Chapter 7: The Studies Of The Soul-Winner
Chapter 8: Health
Chapter 9: The Renewing Of Power
Chapter 10: An Undivided Heart
Chapter 11: Finance
Chapter 12: Saving Truth
Chapter 13: Keeping The Flock
Chapter 14: The Soul-Winner And The Children
Chapter 15: The Soul-Winner's Commission To The Children
Chapter 16: Deal Gently
Chapter 17: "So Spake"
Chapter 18: Importance And Benefits Of Bible Study
Chapter 19: King David's Use Of His Bible

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