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My Way of Life - Walter Farrell O.P S.T.M. & Martin J. Healy S.T.D.

My Way of Life

By Walter Farrell O.P S.T.M. & Martin J. Healy S.T.D.

  • Release Date: 2015-09-23
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
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Here is presented the masterpiece of St. Thomas — the Summa Theologica — in simplified form. This vast summary of Thomistic teaching which deals with every worthwhile truth from A to Z, from the attributes of God to the zeal of man has been distilled into this little volume. It is, in truth, a miniature and simple Summa for everyman. 

As its name signifies, the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas is the sum total of all theological knowledge, a vast synthesis in which is unfolded all that can be known of God and man. It is divided into three parts which deal with God, man and the God-man, respectively. It comprises 38 tracts, 631 questions, about 3,000 articles, 10,000 objections and their answers. 

Obviously all of this vast material is not contained in this small volume. However, an earnest effort has been made by the authors to translate and re-present St. Thomas in concise form for the use of everyman. 

The Confraternity of the Precious Blood in presenting this volume, aims to do for the Summa of St. Thomas what it has already done for the Missal—to place it into the hands of all men. The millions who have found Father Stedman’s “My Sunday Missal” so helpful and practical for the Mass of the Altar will find “My Way of Life” equally helpful and practical for the “Mass of Life”. 

St. Thomas begins the Prologue to his great work with these words: “Because a teacher of Catholic truth ought not only to teach the learned but also to instruct the beginners, in accordance with the words of the Apostle: As unto little ones in Christ, I gave you milk to drink, not meat (1 Cor. 3/1,2) we purpose in this book to treat of whatever belongs to the Christian religion in such a way as may tend to the instruction of beginners.” 

The volume, here presented, is in full accord with the purpose of St. Thomas. It brings his message from the halls of learning out into the market place and into the home. While primarily meant for everyman, it is profound enough for the most erudite. Hence it can be readily recommended to father and mother, sister and brother, to the high-school and college student, to the convert, the study and Newman Club, to the Confraternity class, to the religious and the priest, in a word, it can be recommended to everyone. 

Part I. God and His Creatures 
Chapter I. The One God 
Chapter II. Knowledge and Love of God 
Chapter III. The Trinity 
Chapter IV. Creation 
Chapter V. The Angels 
Chapter VI. Man And His World 
Chapter VII. God’s Work In The World 
Chapter VIII. Creatures’ Work in World Government 

Part IIA. Man: The Image of God 
Chapter I. The Nature of Happiness 
Chapter II. Human Acts: Steps to Happiness 
Chapter III. Happiness and Morality 
Chapter IV. Happiness and the Passions 
Chapter V. Happiness and Habit 
Chapter VI. Happiness and Virtue 
Chapter VII. Unity in Human Action 
Chapter VIII. Striving for Happiness 
Chapter IX. God and Human Happiness 
Chapter X. Sin and Unhappiness 
Chapter XI. The Causes of Sin 
Chapter XII. The Effects of Sin 
Chapter XIII. Law: The Road-Map to Happiness 
Chapter XIV. Grace: The Gift of Happiness 

Part IIB. The Divine Life in Man 
Chapter I. Happiness of Mind 
Chapter II. Happiness of Heart 
Chapter III. Friendship with God 
Chapter IV. Prudence: Happiness in Action 
Chapter V. Justice: Happiness in Society 
Chapter VI. Religion: Happiness in the Service of God 
Chapter VII. Happiness in the Service of Man 
Chapter VIII. Fortitude: Happiness and Heroism 
Chapter IX. Temperance: Happiness and Control 
Chapter X. Intimations of Happiness 

Part III. The God-Man 
Chapter I. The Incarnation 
Chapter II. Mary: The Virgin Mother of God 
Chapter III. Christ: The Savior 
Chapter IV. The Sacramental System 
Chapter V. Baptism and Confirmation 
Chapter VI. The Holy Eucharist 
Chapter VII. Penance 
Chapter VIII. Extreme Unction 
Chapter IX. Holy Orders 
Chapter X. Matrimony 
Chapter XI. The End and The Beginning

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