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Girl Friday - Emma Lea

Girl Friday

By Emma Lea

  • Release Date: 2015-12-09
  • Genre: Romance
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Noelle is having a very bad day.  With only eight weeks left until her thirtieth birthday (oh, and Christmas) she is determined to cram every last ounce of fun into her life before she has to officially become and 'adult'.  But her pursuit of the perfect twenty-ninth year is ruined when she turns up at work to find out she no longer has a job.  She then goes home to find her boyfriend sleeping with someone else.  Now she is jobless, homeless and broke.  Things couldn't get much worse.

Logan is also having a very bad day.  With only minutes before he is due to address his board of directors, he can't find a thing.  His PA has abandoned him for marriage leaving him high and dry (well not really, she did arrange for a replacement, but apparently Logan is impossible to work for) so now he is stuck with no foreseeable way out.  He may be a genius, but he sucks when it comes to filing.

One drunken online ad later and Noelle walks into Logan's life, turning it upside down and leaving him wondering how he ever survived without her.  But being a PA is just a stop gap for Noelle and she has no intention on staying permanently.

This is a sexy office romance set at Christmas time in Australia where things get hot and steamy (and I don't just mean the weather).

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