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Learn Arabic - Nizar Taha Hajj Ahmad

Learn Arabic

By Nizar Taha Hajj Ahmad

  • Release Date: 2016-01-26
  • Genre: Arabic
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Arabic for All is intended and designed to help self-instructing students to learn Arabic in a different way.  Arabic for All tries to provide the students with the basic knowledge of Arabic through reading. The students learn to read as a first step and immediately they start practice and explore the language while they are building up their vocabulary. This book starts from the first pages to furnish the pages as they fold with new words with their sounds and written form that they become familiar to the eye and ear when the students reach advanced levels. 
The first of the series (The Arabic Alphabet) starts with introducing the Arabic alphabet as it has never been introduced before. The letters are introduced as sounds, shapes and minimal grammar unites in the language. All in all, once the students have finished this level, they will become able to read and understand some of the word grammatical structures that make Arabic sound a difficult language to learn. Arabic for All tries ‘to help students catch fish and provide them with fish everyday.’ It is about nurturing the knowledge rather than only providing it. 
Arabic for All, is designed to reinforce and improve reading and listening skills which can improve the rest of skills, writing and speaking. Reading enables the student to read simple signs, do simple quizzes, read books and newspapers, browse Arabic websites and read the Quran for those who study Arabic for religious purposes.

Thank you for your read this Learn Arabic in the, may be useful for you and we will update it about the latest Kindle eBook and you can download it for free in 30 days trial.