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Leading From Behind - Niva Retimanu

Leading From Behind

By Niva Retimanu

  • Release Date: 2016-03-28
  • Genre: Sports & Recreation
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Running a marathon isn't something that comes naturally to newsreader Niva Retimanu. But whether you come first or last, if you complete 42.2 kilometres, you're still a marathon runner.In Leading from Behind, Niva tells how she went from overweight, heavy-drinking junk-food fan to motivated, health-conscious marathon runner - and how much fun she's had along the way. Niva might finish last in her races, but she has kept up her party attitude, sometimes in costume and always trying to cross the finish line in style: hootin' and hollerin' and with a broad grin on her face. It hasn't all been a barrel of laughs though - take that storm in Queenstown, the extra kilometres in Beirut, or the time in New York when she lost the disabled athlete she was meant to be guiding. Life with Niva is never dull. As well as telling a host of great stories, Leading from Behind is a call to people of all ages, shapes and sizes to get out and do something active. If Niva can do it, so can you!

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  • Leading from Behind

    By ZK-JON
    This is inspirational. A journey that defines committment, courage and determination. The desire to suceed truely extends "if I can, anyone can" that Niva pledges. Sprinkled with honesty, wit, and humour, this is a great read leaving the reader ten-foot tall. Mouth watering entre for the sequel to follow Niva !
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