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Fat Poo Two (Standard Edition) - Peter Crumpton

Fat Poo Two (Standard Edition)

By Peter Crumpton

  • Release Date: 2016-03-14
  • Genre: Humour
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Fat Poo Two (Standard Edition) is the highly anticipated pooquel to everyones favourite original Fat Poo!

Join Fat Poo as he combats the stresses of the daily work grind whilst finding unexpected true love!

Fat Poo Two is told in a series of captivating funny images in the form of a Poo.  Yes, that's right, a Real Poo!

About The Author in his own words 

As a teenager I was extremely overweight. I grew up in a Takeaway Roadhouse in Tasmania, Australia. Constantly I would stuff myself full of deep fried food, ice cream and sugary drinks on a daily basis. At my biggest was 110 Kgs which is massive considering I am only 170cm on a good day. Kids would call me "Fat S%#*" amongst other things, hence the title Fat Poo. When I turned 18 I left home running away to Sydney - 2000 Kilometres from Tasmania. Combining a harsh diet of starvation with excessive cardio I lost a huge 53kgs in a short period of time. 

Hooray!..... No Hooray. I didn't know it but I was living a recurring cycle of eating disorders. Throughout my twenties I kept the weight off dangerously - while simultaneously spiralling into a state of depression inspired mood swings. After many lost jobs, failed relationships and destroyed friendships I realised that a new healthy lifestyle was needed to maintain my sanity - let alone those few left around me. I succeeded through educating myself on healthy eating and exercise. 

Fifteen years later I returned to Tasmania to tell my story. "Fat Poo" is my satirical inspiring tale of how I went from obesity, lost weight the wrong way, alienated all those around me, and eventually taught myself and implemented the skills on how to lead a healthy fulfilling lifestyle.

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