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Wanted! Belle Starr - J.T. Edson

Wanted! Belle Starr

By J.T. Edson

  • Release Date: 2016-07-15
  • Genre: Historical
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In the violent and lawless days following the Civil War many infamous outlaws cut a bloody swathe across the West ... John Wesley Hardin, Bad Bill Longley, Sam Bass, Frank and Jesse James, the Daltons ... all rode and shot their way to notoriety ....
But, with one exception, the women were less well known in the annals of frontier legends. The exception was a beautiful, shapely, intelligent wildcat, quick in a fight, and deadly with a gun. Before she had ridden the owlhoot trails for long the posters began to appear on the sheriff’s notice boards from Canada to the Rio Grande, from the Mississippi to the Pacific ...
Wanted! Belle Starr, the Oklahoma Outlaw.

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