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Guilt and the Search for Fulfillment - LeRoy H. Aden

Guilt and the Search for Fulfillment

By LeRoy H. Aden

  • Release Date: 2012-03-01
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
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We know guilt, if at all, by the message of badness that it seems to communicate to us. LeRoy Aden notes that our tendency is to silence the message, when in fact we need to listen to our guilt feelings carefully. A better understanding of the nature and operation of guilt and guilt feelings will help us evaluate the negative and the positive roles that they play in our search for fulfillment. In this book Aden examines real-life situations as well as literary works to illuminate the concrete details of this struggle with guilt and guilt feelings. He finds that sense of guilt can warn us when we lose our way and can put us back on the road to restored relationships and genuine fulfillment when we heed its call.

"LeRoy Aden, an articulate theologian deeply ensconced in the historic Lutheran equation of law and gospel, knows more about guilt personally and theologically than anyone else. As in all his published works, he demonstrates here his superb skill in sharing his perspective with us in a highly readable style for anyone from a bright high schooler to an inquiring graduate student. This book exudes the passion and heart of the pastor Dr. Aden is in all his relationships."
--Dr. J. Harold Ellens
Author of Honest Faith for Our Time: Truth-Telling about the Bible, the Creed, and the Church (Pickwick, 2010)

"While many therapists and theologians focus on the corrosive effects of shame . . . Aden takes a new look at the dynamics of guilt, with rich results. Dr. Aden visits clinical examples and literary figures with trenchant observation and wise insight. Looking closely at the power of guilt to harm us, Aden also lifts up the positive contribution of guilt in our search for forgiveness and fulfillment. Highly recommended for lay readers . . . as well as professionals who work with the guilt-laden soul."
--Rev. Dr. John R. Henrich
North Central Ministry Development Center, New Brighton, MN
Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church Counseling Center, Minneapolis, MN

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