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9/11 Truth Untold - Dr.Troy Clark

9/11 Truth Untold

By Dr.Troy Clark

  • Release Date: 2016-06-06
  • Genre: Politics & Current Affairs
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Endorsed by a noted 9/11/2001 World Trade Center North Tower survivor, Dr. Troy Clark’s exhaustive research enlightens us to little-known epic findings, heroes, and miracles of all 9/11 events. You always “knew” there was more to the public 9/11 stories. Was 9/11 an “inside job?” Key eyewitness accounts, top secret-class testimony, archived investigative journalism, scrutiny of official government reports, as well as foreign in-depth root sources, opens more eye-popping clarity to undiscovered truth surrounding 9/11 tragedies. What world events hatched the Islamic terrorist plot at “Hamburg Cell” in 1998? How did bravery and heroic actions in hellish chaos save many lives on 9/11/2001? Can you name a 3rd NY skyscraper building that fell 8 hours after the Twin Towers collapsed? What was God doing on 9/11/2001? Did President Bush “lie” to the nation about Saddam’s WMDs in Iraq? Did Osama bin Laden’s last will and testament caution his children from the grave to not join al Qaeda and to not fight holy war jihad? How can we transform past failures in preparedness into future protection success? All this and much more treasured information is rescued from obscurity in.. 9/11 Truth Untold.

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