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Woodworking Business Quick Start Guide - A. William Benitez

Woodworking Business Quick Start Guide

By A. William Benitez

  • Release Date: 2016-05-05
  • Genre: Lifestyle & Hobbies
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"Woodworking Business Quick Start Guide delivers the promise in the title. It's based entirely on my first-hand experience owning and operating successful one-person businesses for over thirty years.

For over 20 years in my woodworking businesses in Tampa, FL and then Austin, TX I built hundreds of cabinets and furniture pieces for all kinds of customers. In Woodworking Business 101 I share all the knowledge I gained running my woodworking business to help you avoid the common small business mistakes that keep woodworkers from making a profit.

For those just beginning, my book contains a helpful Getting Started chapter. For others who are already operating a woodworking business and may be struggling to profit from their skills, there are six additional chapters filled with detailed information, a preface, an introduction, a glossary, and a personal notes section that will help you with every step toward profitability

Woodworking Business Quick Start Guide serves as an excellent beginning with the basics of the woodworking business and including all other aspects of the business of woodworking such as licenses, local and federal taxes, best ways to deal with suppliers, setting up bank accounts both checking and savings, using and accepting credit cards, the critically important aspects of contracting for work, the difficulties of accounting including unique, much easier methods, and the less than pleasant task of dealing with the IRS.

Woodworking Business Quick Start Guide helps you to develop methods to get customers but more importantly it shows you the best ways to keep customers after that first job. In spite of its importance, keeping customers is often overlooked leading to a long term loss of income.

This book covers how to set up a functional shop taking full advantage of the space you may have available and the best ways to get the tools you need to build the projects you sell. Then it shows you how to carefully estimate the cost of materials and labor and set your job prices to ensure that you make a fair profit on every job. This will help you maintain your cash flow and ensure long term success.

The final section called Personal Notes includes just a few hints and tips I gleaned over the past few years to give you even more help in operating your business successfully.

Thank you for your read this Woodworking Business Quick Start Guide in the, may be useful for you and we will update it about the latest Kindle eBook and you can download it for free in 30 days trial.

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