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iOS 10 Survival Guide - Toly Kay

iOS 10 Survival Guide

By Toly Kay

  • Release Date: 2016-09-12
  • Genre: Reference
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iOS 10 is the newest operating system from Apple as of September 13th, 2016. Whether you have an iPhone, an iPad, or even an iPod touch, this guide is for you. iOS 10 introduced many new features, which redefined the iPhone 5 and higher, iPad 4th Generation and higher, and iPod Touch 6th generation and higher. These features include: 
- Lock Screen Widgets
- Interactive Notifications
- Raise to Wake on the iPhone
- Voicemail Transcriptions
- Digital Touch in Text Messages
- Handwriting Text Messages
- New and Improved Control Center
...and many more!
This guide will introduce you to these new features, as well as the rest of iOS 10. The iOS 10 Survival Guide gives task-based instructions without using any technical jargon. Learning which buttons on your iOS 10 device perform which functions is useless unless you know how it will help you in your everyday use of iOS 10. Therefore, this guide will teach you how to perform the most common tasks.
Instead of presenting arbitrary instructions in lengthy paragraphs, this book gives unambiguous, simple step-by-step procedures. Additionally, detailed screenshots help you to confirm that you are on the right track. This guide also explains Secret Tips and Tricks to help you accomplish your day-to-day tasks much faster. If you get stuck, refer to the Troubleshooting section to isolate and solve the problem.

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