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"ATQ - Coronado in Tasmanian Tall Timbers - Spring 2016"

By Howard Shanks

  • Release Date: 2016-10-01
  • Genre: Transportation
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In this spring edition of Australian Trucking Quarterly, we start our journey at the Southern most tip of Tasmania where we visit Dillon Transport as they deliver fresh Atlantic Salmon to the sea pens off Bruny Island. Then we join Tim Knight in his new Freightliner Coronado on run into some tall timbers to collect a load of logs and see how well the new FL114 handles the rugged going. From Tasmania we journey north to NSW to check out SRH Milk Haulage’s impressive Volvo and Mack fleet fitted with King bullbars. Finally we head northwest to check out the first Super Quads to operate in Western Australia. 

We also take a look at Freighter Trailer’s latest load restraint gates and how they work. – Click on their advertisement to reveal more articles.

This interactive book contains detailed photo gallery and videos. 

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