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Siren's Wave - J.A. Hazel

Siren's Wave

By J.A. Hazel

  • Release Date: 2016-09-17
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
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True or false? Plain janes never get the hot guys and first impressions are always right.

A messed-up boy, a girl afraid of heartbreak, a traumatic past glimpsed in nightmares... Everything they want is on the other side of fear—and a few bad decisions.

American rocker Bran isn’t looking for a muse. His style is to ditch—girls, sobriety, sanity. Even the name on his birth certificate. When he meets uptight Ava, new thoughts start to spin. And, unfortunately, they’re all of her.

To survive at the Australian record label where she works Ava has learned to shun egotistical musicians. No matter how gorgeous they are. What a pity for her the latest hotshot singer swaggering around the studio has a lost-boy frown to die for. And a past that he's still running from.

When the wave of unwanted love hits will they run, break, or surrender?

Siren's Wave is for those who like to collect clues as the story builds into an intense, hate-to-love-you tale about learning to take risks and overcoming the past.

Initially written as a STANDALONE with a riding off into the sunset HEA, there is now an extra-raunchy sequel, SILVA, available for those who want more... details?


Contains strong language, drug use, slang, characters who fight their feelings tooth and nail, and Australian English spelling. This reflects the author's experience of working in the Australian music industry.


"Five Stars. A fabulous novel, one with drama and details, edge and emotion, love and lust but with a story that unfolds so very different from so many Rock band romances." - Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews

"Great debut ... Siren's Wave was a great 5 star read." - M Austin, Alpha Book Club

"Spicy, salty and sweet! ... I loved the dream imagery and metaphors ... I would recommend this book even if you don't typically do romances - it's a gem!" - Jillian

"A deliciously addictive read that builds in narrative tension and firecracker romance the chemistry between the main characters sizzles and spins, rising and falling in at times fabulously infuriating ways!" - A. Staley

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