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Learning to Breathe - Emma Lea

Learning to Breathe

By Emma Lea

  • Release Date: 2017-02-09
  • Genre: Contemporary
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Willow has done everything she can to escape her past...not that it was tragic or anything, just, well, emotionally scarring.  Growing up in an 'alternative community' always made her feel so out of step with the rest of society when all she wanted to be was normal.  Now jobless and with no prospects (after losing it in a quite spectacular way in a job interview) she's headed home for the first time in six years, back to the 'wholistic community' that she had fought so hard to leave behind, to find a little bit of perspective and get her life back on track.
Harrison Henry James III always does the right thing.  As the eldest child of a prominent Sydney family, he has strived to live up to the expectations of his parents and be the role model to his younger siblings.  But when the stress of trying to be perfect leaves him clutching his chest and thinking he's going to die, he knows it's time for a change.  Heading to the health retreat on the north coast of NSW, Harrison hopes to find some balance in his life. What he didn't expect was to find a woman that turns his world upside down.
This is a Hot & Spicy Romance on the Emma Lea Romance Rating System - Hot & Spicy Romances turn the heat way up.  They contain swearing and sexy scenes and the characters get hot under the collar.  Recommended for 18+ readers.
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