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Follow You - Richard Parker

Follow You

By Richard Parker

  • Release Date: 2017-05-26
  • Genre: Crime & Thrillers
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‘One of THE BEST serial killers I have come across in a book for some time ... I DEVOURED this book in one sitting.’ Crime Book Junkie

Her eyelids were the only parts of her body she could move. The figure spoke, then retreated into the gloom. She couldn’t accept what they’d said. How could she have brought this on herself? 

When an online prank goes viral and triggers a spate of gruesome murders, documentary maker Hazel Salter watches in horror. But then a new victim is found, her body bound to a pillar, and its Hazel’s childhood friend, Meredith Hickman. Hazel must find out what happened.

Is it one killer or more? Random, or part of a bigger plan?

The police have no leads, but Hazel has a theory – one she’ll stop at nothing to prove. With her film crew in tow, Hazel sets off for the abandoned amusement park where Meredith was found, to solve the crime, bring Meredith justice, and make the documentary of her lifetime. But as Hazel interviews the victims’ families and friends, people start disappearing.

As the death toll rises, Hazel realises someone close-by is targeting her team methodically. Can she uncover the truth before another life is lost, or will the killer get to Hazel first? 

A shocking, ‘just-one-more-page’ thriller with the most twisted killer you’ll ever meet. This book will hook you from the first page and keep you guessing long into the night. PERFECT for fans of James Patterson, Mo Hayder, and Chris Carter.

Previously published as Be My Killer.

What everyone’s saying about Follow You:

All I can say is WOW ... The premise is incredible and addictive, the characters believable and real. I loved Hazel. This book was tense, thrilling, unputdownable. Absolutely brilliant and very highly recommended.’ Goodreads Reviewer 5*
My Rating: 5/5 - #AllTheFreakinStars ... abso-friggin-lutely FANTASTIC ... Eeeeeeek! Richard Parker...where have you been all my life!? You delightfully disturbed, torturously twisted being! Eeeeek, in-bloody-deed!! ... the reader is immediately grabbed by the throat ... totally addictive ... one of THE BEST serial killers I have come across in a book for some time. This killer makes Hannibal Lecter seem like a pussy cat! Seriously!! ... Is it wrong that I LOVED every single-sickening-second of the murders? ... I DEVOURED this book in one sitting ... Do I recommend this book? bet your sweet arse I do! ... So if you LOVE a great serial killer thriller that will excite and horrify you... BUY THIS BOOK! #BOOM!’ Crime Book Junkie
‘A dark and twisted work of art. It is not for the faint of heart ... This has to be my favourite dark thriller I have ever read.’ Sean’s Book Reviews
I must say that I simply loved this book… really a nail-biterI finished in record time.’ Goodreads reviewer
‘Brilliant, genius and absolutely gruesome ... I totally loved it! ... I couldn't figure out who the killer was but ended up suspecting everyone ... a truly engrossing read with icky gore, that had me on the edge of my seat.Novel Deelights
‘Wow, what an amazing book! ... absolutely stunning! ... From the very first page, this story had me hooked ... I loved Hazel ... tense, thrilling, unputdownable.’ Renita D’Silva 5*
‘Well worth 5 stars, deserves many more ... had me hooked from the shocking first chapter and totally engrossed.Nicki’s Life of Crime
‘Grips hold of you and once it does it will not let you go ... so dark, so twisted ... It's so bloody brilliant ... Remind me not to upset Mr Parker as he has a very twisted mind ... I was totally blindsided and grinning like the Cheshire Cat ... And the ending ... The killer ... Jeepers Creepers. How in the fluff did you pull that off Mr Parker because pull it off you did. Totally another bam! In. Your. Face. moment and I loved it ... you have got me hooked and you have a fan for life ... It's quite simply brilliant.’ Jen Med’s Book Reviews
To say I enjoyed this story is an understatement. I started reading this during a train journey and was extremely disappointed when I had to stop reading as I had reached my destination. Goodreads Reviewer
I found myself literally flying through the pages ... one of the most twisted and disturbing serial killers I've read about in a long time ... on the edge of my seat the whole time.” It’s All About Books

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