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A Royal Expectation - Emma Lea

A Royal Expectation

By Emma Lea

  • Release Date: 2017-07-17
  • Genre: Romance
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Lady Jeanette Bower had always known what her life was going to look like.  It had been drummed into her since she was a little girl.  She would marry a titled gentleman and make him a splendid wife who was above reproach.  It was what her mother had always wanted for her and Lady Jeanette always did what her mother wanted her to do.  She was a good girl.  The only problem was, Lady Jeanette didn’t expect a six foot four Australian with sparkling tawny coloured eyes and a mischievous grin to walk into her life and show her that there was perhaps another path for her to take.
Drew Taylor had just landed his dream job and the fact that it was half way around the world from his meddling mother was just icing on the cake.  He never expected to be swept off his feet by a woman on a hot pink Ducati.  A woman who also happened to be one of the queen’s ladies in waiting.  And then there was the complication of the viscount she was supposed to marry.  How could a cane farmer’s son from tropical Queensland compete with a man who could give Lady Jeanette the title she had always wanted?  He couldn’t, but that wouldn’t stop him from trying.
This is a Sweet Romance - These are romantic tales without the bedroom scenes and the swearing, but that doesn’t mean they’re boring!

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