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Strings - Emma Lea


By Emma Lea

  • Release Date: 2017-11-01
  • Genre: Romance
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Nadine Court was a hot mess.

After crashing and burning in spectacular fashion during her debut tour with her band Court’n Jacks, Nadine had gone to rehab to get her…ahem…stuff in order.  Now she was ready to try again and hopefully, this time, they might actually finish the tour without her ending up in hospital and on the front page of every country music website in the world.  Which was why it was a very, very, very bad idea to get involved with her therapist… former therapist.

Gabe Rousso had thought he had contained his attraction to the feisty violinist.  That was until that last session when an innocent kiss on the cheek had turned into something a whole lot hotter.  He wasn’t technically her therapist anymore which was why he’d accepted her invitation to see her perform for the first time since her breakdown.  He shouldn’t have gone… but he did and of course that had led to more compromising of his closely guarded ethics.  She was a weakness he couldn’t afford and a temptation he couldn’t resist.

This is a standalone book - no cliff hanger!

*This is a ‘Too hot to Handle’ Romance on the Emma Lea rating scale - These are definitely 18+ reads and contain graphic sex scenes and high level swearing – not for the faint of heart

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