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Codex: Craftworlds Enhanced Edition - Games Workshop

Codex: Craftworlds Enhanced Edition

By Games Workshop

  • Release Date: 2017-10-21
  • Genre: Crafts & Hobbies
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This is an Enhanced edition – featuring the same, complete and unabridged content as the print edition in a handy, space-saving portable format, it also contains the following extra features:

- Zoomable, pin-sharp photography, allowing you to appreciate the fine details of Citadel miniatures in a new light; 
- a Glossary – tap terms and rules to see their details in an instant; 
- 360-degree miniature photography, rotatable with a swipe of a finger; 
- Scrolling text, designed to optimise the reading experience for your phone or tablet; 
- Pop-up content – bring up extra information at a touch; 
- Panoramic art and photography – designed to bring out detail in a way that makes the most of your display; 
- Direct links to the Games Workshop and/or Forge World web stores – see a miniature you like? You can order it straight away. 
- Bookmarks – got a reference you need to use often? Add a bookmark and jump between your pages with a tap. 

Lost in the vastness of space, the craftworlds float in utter isolation like scattered jewels upon a pall of velvet. Distant from the warmth of sun or planet, their domes gaze into the darkness of empty space. within them live the survivors of a civilisation abandoned long ago amidst terrifying destruction. These are the Aeldari, a race that is all but extinct, the last remnants of a people whose mere dreams once overturned worlds and quenched suns.

Codex: Craftworlds contains a wealth of background and rules – the definitive book for Craftworld Aeldari collectors. Within, you’ll find:


- Remnants of the Fall: the origins of the Craftworld Aeldari, their glittering rise and tragic fall, and the ongoing, desperate struggle for survival that consumes them utterly; 
- Organisation of Craftworld warhosts, along with the strategic disposition of Aeldari Craftworlds – this includes a breakdown of the colours, symbols and iconography of the worlds that remain, and the structure of their armies; 
- Detailed background and heraldry of the following Craftworlds: Biel-Tan, Ulthwé, Iyanden, Saim-Hann and Alaitoc; 
- Wanderers of the Stars: brief profiles of more Craftworlds – Altansar, Il-Kaithe, Lugganath, Iybraesil, Yme-Loc and Mymeara; 
- The Doom of the Aeldari: a timeline of significant events both before and after the Fall; presented with the proviso that much knowledge has been lost, this concentrates largely on the Age of Survival with important battles and discoveries listed; 
- Background and details on each character, vehicle and unit available to an Aeldari army; 
- A showcase of beautifully painted Citadel miniatures, with example armies featuring everything from individual images of models to battle scenes on terrain. 


Everything you need to get a Craftworld Aeldari army primed for games of Warhammer 40,000 is in here:

- 46 datasheets containing rules for every Craftworld Aeldari unit and miniature; 
- Army abilities reflecting the Craftworld Aeldari’s methods of war on the tabletop,; 
- The Forge of Vaul: wargear both ranged and close-combat used by the Craftworld Aeldari; 
- Points values for all miniatures, weapons and wargear for use in Matched Play games; 
- A Lethal Elegance: rules for Battle-forged armies, including – 
- Craftworld Attributes for the following Craftworlds: Biel-Tan, Ulthwé, Iyanden, Saim-Hann, Alaitoc; 
- 6 unique Warlord Traits available for any Craftworld Aeldari commander; 
- 5 Craftworld-specific Warlord Traits, for the 5 named above; 
- 26 Stratagems, with 5 Craftworld-specific; 
- Remnants of Glory: a selection of 13 rare weapons and artefacts; 
- Rune Disciplines, allowing you to choose between Runes of Battle and Runes of Fate for your models with the Psyker keyword; 
- 6 unique Tactical Objectives.

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