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Wildwood Flower - Ella J. Quince

Wildwood Flower

By Ella J. Quince

  • Release Date: 2017-06-09
  • Genre: Historical
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No more dreaming like a girl...
Dear Rose,
I must confess. I’ve been dreaming of Thor, the God of Thunder. I’ve been praying he will rescue me from Lord Shelding and his son Edward. I only agreed to marry Edward to comfort my father in his final hours, but now that my father’s suffering is done, I fear that mine shall last a lifetime if I marry Edward. However, all that may have changed today when I met a man.
If Thor is real, his true name is Christopher Thorn. He is an American brewer who has come to Faversham to do business with Lord Shelding. I could not tell him my real name. If he knew who I was, and that I was engaged to Edward, he’d never speak to me again. He’d never look at me with those glowing blue eyes, and he’d certainly never touch me. I want those things. I want him more than I’ve ever wanted anything.

 Letter unsent.

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