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Just One Kiss - Ella J. Quince

Just One Kiss

By Ella J. Quince

  • Release Date: 2015-10-24
  • Genre: Historical
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Lady Hazel Darling doesn’t believe in love at first sight, but nor can she deny her attraction to the Earl of Bainbridge, a man unlike any gentleman she’s ever met. Hazel knows there is more to him than his reserved exterior and she wants to be the one to discover it.

Garrett likes to enjoy society from a distance, but when introduced to Lady Hazel, he develops a taste for conversation and dancing, as long as it’s only with her. He doesn’t wait for lightning to strike twice and proposes after only a few weeks of acquaintance. 

But that is where things get complicated. Newly wedded, both Hazel and Garret find themselves uneasy with the sudden change. Hazel is far from the comforts of home and her twin, Anabelle. Upon arrival at her new home, Hazel finds herself at odds with the residents of Bainbridge Estate who won’t accept her new role as countess. Garrett cannot relate to Hazels homesickness because he is an orphan, raised by his aunt. He wants to make Hazel happy, but duty to his title and legacy keeps getting in the way. Is their marriage doomed before it truly begins? How hard will Hazel and Garrett fight to turn their spark of attraction into an inferno of love?

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