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Dusty Fog's Civil War 10: The Rebel Spy - J.T. Edson

Dusty Fog's Civil War 10: The Rebel Spy

By J.T. Edson

  • Release Date: 2018-01-14
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
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Somebody had a smart idea to end the Civil War. Flood the Southern States with counterfeit money and destroy their already weakened economy. Unfortunately one of the first consignments of bad money fell into the hands of a man who understood its meaning. General Ole Devil Hardin knew the forging plant must be destroyed; but it was situated in New Orleans, far inside Union-controlled territory. Only an expert could reach the plant; one who knew the South and how to survive in enemy country without being detected. The expert Ole Devil sent was a slim, beautiful woman. Although the Yankees knew her name, they could not place her face. So Belle Boyd went with Dusty Fog on the dangerous mission. That was her job, her way of life. They called her the Rebel Spy.

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