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Loaded for Bear - Bianca D'Arc

Loaded for Bear

By Bianca D'Arc

  • Release Date: 2018-03-20
  • Genre: Paranormal
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A woman with a legacy of magic…

Mellie is trying her best to come up with a way to protect the waters around Grizzly Cove from the leviathan and its minions, but it’s not easy. The ancient grimoire she’s been given holds the recipe for a potion that just might work. The only problem is that one of the ingredients is dragon’s blood. Whether that’s a euphemism or there really were dragons living at the time the spell book was written, she’s not sure, but she’s tried everything and so far, no luck.

A man willing to do anything for her…

Peter wants to help Mellie, even if it means calling in favors from the lands of his ancestors. When he admits knowledge of dragon shifters—something his family has kept secret for generations—he agrees to help Mellie any way he can. Even if it requires him to work all night long to help her find an answer.

A love they cannot deny…

Peter and Mellie are drawn together in ways they cannot resist. She is fast becoming his everything, he just wonders if she can feel the same. But when push comes to shove and a dragon tries to catch her eye, Peter proves he is more than man enough to win the lady fair and keep her heart safe forevermore. If, that is, the leviathan doesn’t succeed in killing them both first.

They will confront evil together, but only the Goddess knows if their love will see them through and allow them to survive to fight another day.

Tales of the Were ~ Grizzly Cove consists of:
1. All About the Bear
2. Mating Dance
3. Night Shift
4. Alpha Bear
5. Saving Grace
6. Bearliest Catch
7. The Bear’s Healing Touch
8. The Luck of the Shifters
9. Badass Bear
10. Loaded for Bear

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2. Snow Magic
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Tales of the Were ~ Jaguar Island
1. The Jaguar Tycoon
2. The Jaguar Bodyguard

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