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Auctioned: Shifter's Claim - Terry St. Claire

Auctioned: Shifter's Claim

By Terry St. Claire

  • Release Date: 2018-01-12
  • Genre: Paranormal
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Carissa is not sure what her summer has in store.

She’s staying with her best friend from college, and it’s going to be an experience.

She certainly never expects her best friend’s father to be a rugged, sexy, silver-lined wolf shifter running security for the local pack.

She definitely doesn’t expect to ignite his inner wolf’s lust and longing…

And she never expected to find herself taken by shifters and put up for auction…

…the auction of her innocence.


Cantor’s seen it all. He a wolf shifter who runs security for the local pack.

He also a single dad with a daughter in college, a task that has been far more challenging.

He doesn’t know what to expect when his daughter tells him she’ll be bringing home her best friend for the summer.

But one thing he doesn’t expect is for her stunning curves to make his inner wolf growl with lust.

When he learns she’s being put up for auction, the auction of her innocence, he knows he’s got to do what it takes to claim her.

He’s going to claim her as his, make her his mate.

Make her howl.

Protect her.


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