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French for Non-Frog Speakers - Myriam Esther

French for Non-Frog Speakers

By Myriam Esther

  • Release Date: 2018-01-19
  • Genre: Textbooks
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Teachers, by recommending this book to your pupils you will help them achieve top marks in their French exams.
This book is Lesson Number 5 extracted from the hard copy book ‘French For Non-Frog Speakers’ that has 35 lessons. Level: Intermediate to advanced. 
Each lesson progresses through French I (G.C.S.E. French), French II (AS Level French), AP French (A Level French) and fluency. All lessons have corrections and guidance. For this reason, it's also an excellent book for homeschooling, anyone looking to succeed in their French exams or simply want to be fluent in French. 
Myriam Esther, French native from Paris, created her own successful tutoring agency in London. During her career she trained many teachers in her method. School managers who employed her services to train their teachers sought her unique expertise.
Myriam Esther had been successfully tutoring the children of London’s elite for 15 years. She taught French to adults and children of all ages, preparing them to earn top grades in Common Entrance (11 years old), G.C.S.E (16 years old), AS-level (17 years old), A-level (18 years old), G.C.E (18 years old), French I, French II, AP French, SAT (18 years old) and university exams. Those lessons are also an excellent source to prepare for the MTEL in French or other educator licensure tests in this subject. 
The author was the top tutor in London, UK, with a waiting list. People achieved great success in their exams thanks to her exceptional way of teaching. Myriam encompassed in those 35 lessons all you need to achieve top marks on your French exams and to achieve fluency. French For Non-Frog Speakers’ lessons are a gold mine for any student or teacher. 
Oral, verbs, grammar, translations and corrections for all topics, formal and informal letters, essays on contemporary subjects, for and against essays on controversial issues and much more. Everything you need to be fluent in French and get top marks on your exams is in those 35 lessons. There is no other book like this one on the market.
This book is lesson number 5 of ‘French For Non-Frog Speakers’. After one lesson you will already feel the improvement in your French and you will understand why Myriam Esther was the number one tutor for French.

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