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The Real Eminem - Harris Rosen

The Real Eminem

By Harris Rosen

  • Release Date: 2018-01-21
  • Genre: Music
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Get your copy of the only book to ever feature exclusive audio and interviews with Eminem and D12. 

10 exclusive links to original 1999 Eminem interview audio!
5 exclusive links to original 2001 D12 interview audio!
17 links to rare songs, unreleased freestyles, diss tracks, and more!

The Real Eminem: Broke City Trash Rapper, the fifth book from the Behind The Music Tales series, is your one-way pass deep inside the mind of Eminem. It will blow your mind! Each chapter will unravel fact from fiction. Don't miss out on discovering the truth in their own words and voice! 

-Hear Eminem's raw response to being labelled "white trash".
-Discover what Eminem and Proof had to say about ICP.
-Hear Eminem speak on coming up with Proof.
-Listen to Eminem speak on why Dr. Dre signed him.
-Discover what led Eminem to tattoo his stomach and dye his hair the same day.
-Hear Eminem's raw response to being labelled a role model.
-Listen to Eminem speak on the difference between wanting to shock and piss off people.
-Hear Eminem break down underground Hip-Hop.
- Get the inside scoop on Eminem and D12's beef with Fred Durst, Everlast, and Dilated Peoples. 
-Hear Bizarre speak on the formation of D12.
-Listen to Kuniva & Proof explain D12's raw lyrics.
-Hear Proof & Kuniva discuss the infamous hidden Eminem song, "Girls".
-Listen to Kuniva speak on how his mother was robbed. And much morel

Much of what you will read here has been sensationalized by others. The Real Eminem: Broke City Trash Rapper is as close to the truth as one can get. Alternately triumphant and tragic, lively, uplifting, and resentful, it tells a distinct story, creating an intimate portrait as fearless as its subjects.

Eminem didn’t invent ill rhyming or the ill lower class mentality, however, he had lived it, seen it, done it, and was now speaking on it for the world to hear. He was not a bad guy. Everything he wrote, rapped or spoke had been in the mix, in one form or another. During the period of these interviews, Eminem’s life was racing one-hundred million miles an hour yet he managed to maintain a grip on reality by sticking with the crew he came up. 

These interviews deliver a raw twenty-six-year-old Eminem, the real Eminem as an angry young man eager to prove himself to the world and give them the middle-finger at the same time. These interviews deliver an Eminem solely concerned with representing himself, his family, and those he came up with in his time of need. These interviews deliver an Eminem who proudly declared he lived for the day. 

The second part of the book features an exclusive 2001 interview with D12. It provides a first-hand look into the “Just Don’t Give A F**k” mindset of the crew and choice background information on Eminem in the midst of becoming an international phenomenon. 

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