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Nazis At The Door - Eva Frankenberger

Nazis At The Door

By Eva Frankenberger

  • Release Date: 2018-01-04
  • Genre: Politics & Current Affairs
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Q. Did you ever wonder why Donald Trump keeps provoking unrest?
A. According to Hitler, "The more insecure a population feels, the more they will gravitate toward a rigid leader. A fixed pole amid fleeting phenomena, will continue to attract increasing numbers of people who will be blindly attached to it, … the more rapid the rhythm of changing phenomena around it [the more rapid the migration].”

Q. Why do the Republicans in Congress enable Trump's every move?
A. Again, Hitler's words, "The greatness of every mighty organization embodying an idea in this world lies in the religious fanaticism and intolerance with which, fanatically convinced of its own right, it intolerantly imposes its will against all others.”

Over the past seven decades, the United States has lost much of the social glue that allowed communities to act efficiently. We have become a nation of strangers. We no longer live in a 1950’s society where good ideas and qualified candidates automatically win. Nazis At The Door exposes every phase of the Republican white supremacist plan: education, citizenship, media, trade unions, religion, use of force, etc.

Mein Kampf sold over ten million copies and transformed an established democracy into a dictatorship. Nazis At The Door is an abstract of Mein Kampf that filters out Hitler’s venom leaving only the political principles. It is up to the reader to see how they are being applied today.

Trump’s political agenda, like Hitler’s, embodies racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and vilified an entire religion for political gain. Each fed their insatiable egos by creating national and international discord resulting in unimaginable human suffering. Both were considered clowns when they first assumed power.

The German Führer championed nationalism and inflamed hatred. Likewise, Trump echoes Hitler’s views as evidenced by his neo-Nazis and Klansmen are “good people” comment after the killing of a peaceful Charlottesville demonstrator. His blatant racism is apparent in the Mexicans are “rapists and murders” statements. He initiated red M.A.G.A. hats to be proudly worn like swastikas to identify followers. Trump has encouraged physical violence at his rallies, mocked a disabled reporter, and uses intimidation, lies, slander, and discord - all tactics spelled out in Mein Kampf.

Brick-by-brick Hitler demolished the German democracy and rebuilt it as a dictatorship. Trump is following the same destructive path by (1) staffing crucial departments with incompetents [education, housing, EPA, VA, etc.] (2) undermining and removing qualified staff and replacing them with puppets controlled by zealots and (3) demanding personal loyalty as he did in the case of James Comey, the former FBI Director. When assurances were not given, the Director was fired. This should terrify all those who hold democracy dear.

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