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Nineteen & Twenty One Duet: Box Set - E.S. Carter

Nineteen & Twenty One Duet: Box Set

By E.S. Carter

  • Release Date: 2018-03-11
  • Genre: Short Stories
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This is the Love By Numbers duet—The only two books in the internationally bestselling series that need to be read in order.

Your life can change in the blink of an eye. 
How you adapt to these changes is what defines you. 
Jake Fox is an aspiring actor who has found little success. 
He is also a typical, cliche, bad boy, who 'loves them and leaves them' without love ever coming into the equation. 
Emma Campbell is finding her way in life, struggling with memories from her past, an apathetic mother, and the choices ahead of her. Can she keep focused on the light when life keeps surrounding her in darkness? 
Polar opposites, will love be the thread that binds them or will circumstances beyond their control, tear them apart? 

Fate kept placing Emma Campbell and Jake Fox in each other's paths. 
Fate also kept putting overwhelming obstacles in their way. 
What fate didn't realize is that Jake and Emma share a connection that is stronger than circumstance. 
An intense bond that threatens everything they thought they knew about themselves, one that is only made stronger by a perfect day. 
A perfect day where they both surrendered to the force of their feelings for one another. 
A perfect day that ended in darkness and tragedy. 
Jake is missing. 
Emma is lost. 
Lost in grief; lost in hopelessness. 
Will fate finally grant them a chance to be together or will it tear them apart?

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