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Naughty Parents Wedding Escapades - Mummies Anonymous

Naughty Parents Wedding Escapades

By Mummies Anonymous

  • Release Date: 2018-04-02
  • Genre: Humour
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Who doesn’t love a wedding? Especially one as messed up as Tess’s. As she and Will start planning their second, they could never have predicted the funny and outrageous things that go wrong.

NAUGHTY DADDY MESSES UP: Ten years ago, Tess thought she’d legitimately married Will. Now, it seems, he may have hidden one tiny detail from her … Can he make it up to her or is there something bigger at play?

THE NAUGHTY HEN’S NIGHT: Tess is determined to have a hen’s night to remember - even if she can’t drink. No one though, including Tess, could have predicted how truly memorable it would be!

THE VENUE DILEMMA: Time to choose a venue! Will has promised Tess the perfect wedding. But when he comes to her with a business opportunity of a lifetime, Tess needs to decide whether to have fun or a financial future. Can she find it in herself to sacrifice her dream wedding, and if she does, what other compromises does she have to make?

THE WEDDING FIASCO: When Tess finally relents and joins Harry and Aurora in a double wedding, there’s Will’s parents to contend with, and the storm that refuses to go away. But it’s the ending to her embarrassing wedding that has Tess and her mother cursing!

THE UNFORGETTABLE HONEYMOON: Hoping for a blissful time together, Tess and Will are whisked off to a remote island so they can enjoy some ‘special’ time together. However, some interfering local inhabitants and an emergency rescue, make this honeymoon one Tess would rather forget!

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