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Death Pulls A Doublecross - Lawrence Block

Death Pulls A Doublecross

By Lawrence Block

  • Release Date: 2010-05-20
  • Genre: Hard-Boiled
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She was a beautiful girl with a talent for two-timing: she led two lives, tormented two men--but the one thing she couldn't doublecross was murder! I'm Ed London, PH. D.--PHILANDERER IN DANGER Nailing killers is my racket But hiding their victims' corpses, from the law? Better conjure up Houdini, buddy, I'm not the man you want. That's what I should have said. But I've got a heart as big as a bawdy house. When I saw my sister's marriage going up in smoke because her husband's extramarital flame got murdered, I decided to stick my neck out and plant the body so it couldn't be traced to him. That's when the fur began to fly--and so, in fact, did the bullets. First the girl had been leading a double life. Second, she had pulled a neat little doublecross that left me holding the bag--a bag with the keys to a priceless fortune and up for grabs to every hood in town. Also published under the title Coward's Kiss.

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