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The Other Schindler... Irena Sendler - Abhijit Thite

The Other Schindler... Irena Sendler

By Abhijit Thite

  • Release Date: 2010-03-16
  • Genre: Nature
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THE OTHER SCHINDLER...IRENA SENDLER Savior Of The Holocaust Children
by Abhjit Thite, Translated by Priya Gokhale
This is the incredible true story that combines many facts-together, they from one history’s most fascinating and at the same time, gruesome eras.
Germany's occupation of Poland during the Second World War set off a chain of events that were unprecedented in their complexities of human behaviour. With the largest Jewish population in Europe, Poland suffered the worst fallout of German atrocities. Poland suffered the worst fallout of German atrocities. From containment of Jews in the infamous Warsaw Ghetto to their ultimate annihilation in the extermination camps, World war II forms a sordid tale of discrimination and hate.
Against this is the fragrance of hope and kindness. When the world is in peril, deliverance always comes, and so it was that a few people defied the odds to emerge angel in times of distress, beacons of hope amidst the throes of darkness.
This is the true account of a woman who was as gentle as she was steely-minded.
Irena Sendler, a little lady who saved 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto is today known all over the world, with thousand of websites dedicated to her. This, though, is the first complete published book of her incredible journey from an inspired young girl to a nonagenarian who spurned all personal glory.
About The Author:
Abhijit Thite: Journalist for the last eight years. Has held jobs in Belgaum, Goa and Kolhapur. Has worked with the Tarun Bharat, the Gomantak and is now with the Supplements Division of the Daily Sakal. Regular writing for the news media as well as on blogs.
Translator : Priya Gokhale
Priya Gokhale has been writing for over fifteen years now on a variety of topics for various media –including newspapers Sakaal and Indian Express – and as a freelance journalist and writer. In addition, she edits a Design Magazine, being an architect herself.
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