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The Motivated Life - Paul Martens

The Motivated Life

By Paul Martens

  • Release Date: 2010-03-18
  • Genre: Psychology


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The Motivated Life delves deep into the human condition like no other book. Understand your drive from a completely different vantage point...get tips, insight, and scientific explanations on why you are the way you are. The Motivated Life is revolutionizing the world of personality theory.

For the first time author Paul Martens, a design psychology consultant to the largest non-profit and for profit companies worldwide, presents his foundational material and the new 5 Type Personality System.

-- book includes new discoveries on 23 behaviors (including autism, Alzheimer’s, alcoholism and sex addiction) with nearly 40 years of clinical research backing up claims

-- dozens of celebrity examples and business leader profiles illustrating the 5 Type Personality System in the design world (including Steve Jobs, Martha Stewart and Walt Disney)

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