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Finding Mr Flood - Ciara Geraghty

Finding Mr Flood

By Ciara Geraghty

  • Release Date: 2011-04-28
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
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Dara Flood always says the most interesting thing about her life happened before she was born. Thirteen days before she came into the world, her father walked up the road and never came back.

Now in her twenties, she lives a quiet life with her mother and sister Angel and works at the local dog pound - she finds dogs much easier to understand than people.

But when Angel gets sick and neither Dara nor her mother is a match for the kidney she desperately needs, Dara knows she will do anything to save Angel - even track down the man who left them behind.

So with the help of a rather surprising private investigator, Dara steps anxiously in to the big wide world with a dream of finding Mr Flood.

But as you know, following your dreams can lead you to unexpected places . . .

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  • One of those books you can't put down

    By 88rayjay
    Ciara Geraghty is an amazing writer. I was constantly admiring her creative way with words throughout the book, while falling in love with the main characters Dara and Stanley. Every character is his/her own person and you can really imagine what they'd be like in real life. Had me wishing I was friends with Dara, Stanley, and especially Tintin. This book has humour, love, loss, lust, a bit of everything to make a beautifully captivating read. Wish there were more as I am now unsure of what to do with my life now that I've finished the book.