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Deer, Pigs and a Little Bit of Bull - Graeme Mackie

Deer, Pigs and a Little Bit of Bull

By Graeme Mackie

  • Release Date: 2011-10-18
  • Genre: Sports & Recreation
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In the literary tradition of ‘good keen man’ Barry Crump, this book charts the single years of young Rolly, when having a good dog and a good mate were the most important things in life. After an unfortunate incident with a bulldozer and the boss’s car, Rolly and Jim hit the road to seek new adventures. They nurse an injured dog back to health and discover he’s a champion pig hunter, so life quickly revolves around learning to hunt and survive in the bush. The story of Rolly’s experiences are interwoven with yarns from fellas he meets at the pub – all hard-case guys with a wicked sense of fun and plenty of stories to tell. It’s a glimpse into rural New Zealand life in simpler times that will appeal to men of any age.

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  • Justin

    By teamleov
    A really good read! Lots of Kiwi humor and great stories of typical and non typical hunting adventures.