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Historic Girls - Elbridge Streeter Brooks

Historic Girls

By Elbridge Streeter Brooks

  • Release Date: 1902-01-07
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
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In these progressive days, when so much energy and discussion are devoted to what is termed equality and the rights of woman, it is well to remember that there have been in the distant past women, and girls even, who by their actions and endeavors proved themselves the equals of the men of their time in valor, shrewdness, and ability. This volume seeks to tell for the girls and boys of to day the stories of some of their sisters of the long ago, girls who by eminent position or valiant deeds became historic even before they had passed the charming season of girlhood. Their stories are fruitful of varying lessons, for some of these historic girls were wilful as well as courageous, and mischievous as well as tender hearted. But from all the lessons and from all the morals, one truth stands out most clearly the fact that age and country, time and surroundings, make but little change in the real girl nature, that has ever been impulsive, trusting, tender, and true, alike in the days of the Syrian Zenobia and in those of the modern American school girl.

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