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What to Eat for Arthritis - Camille Macres

What to Eat for Arthritis

By Camille Macres

  • Release Date: 2012-02-07
  • Genre: Special Diet
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If you are one of the 50 million U.S. adults suffering from arthritis, this book is for you. Did you know that the pain, aching, stiffness, and swelling in or around your joints could be alleviated with the proper diet? That this diet could be more delicious than the foods you are eating now? Both true! 

This complimentary eBook contains:

A complete list of foods to eat and avoid if you suffer from arthritis. A selection of recipes for each meal of the day loaded with foods that support your body if you suffer from arthritis without the foods that can exacerbate your condition.  Beautiful color images for every recipe.

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This eBook has a selection of 10 recipes for arthritis. On the website, you can select multiple conditions, a diet (vegan, vegetarian, etc), and all of the foods you like or want to avoid. From there, our system will generate a customized food set (eat this, not that) and recipes specific to you. You can then create meal plans and shopping lists based on your recipes, and even filter the recipes based on the ingredients in your kitchen! 

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