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A Voyage to the South Sea - William Bligh

A Voyage to the South Sea

By William Bligh

  • Release Date: 1817-12-07
  • Genre: History
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This book is based on the recollections of the real life Lt. William Bligh of Mutiny on the bounty fame.

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  • Voyage to the South Seas

    By No nik name
    Nice British understatement in this obviously genuine journal. Will Bligh would have been disappointed I'm sure with the modern treatment of his story which invariably paints him to be the villian of the piece. However we who read this dry account of an epic voyage know better. It is our luck to have it recorded to read at our convenience and makes me wonder at the multitude of stories from our past that have gone unrecorded, many no doubt even more arduous. Really recommend Omoo by Herman Melville to anyone who likes this sort of thing. Alistair Goodwin N Z