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How I Built a Worldwide Business at 15 - Florentin Hennecker

How I Built a Worldwide Business at 15

By Florentin Hennecker

  • Release Date: 2012-04-14
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
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I am not even out of school, and yet I earn money from all around the globe, sitting comfortably at my desk in Belgium.

How? I simply created an iPhone app, priced it at $0.99, and released in a lot of countries.

This book explains it all, from the beginning to the actual state of the game.

How did I do it? Why? How has it affected me? What did I learn, what did I earn?

Everything is explained here. And it is for free!

Includes : 

 - A bit of history of Apple and my story with computers

 - The story of how I learnt to create an iPhone app, and of how I made everything including the music and the graphics

 - A description of the marketing actions, including the 1:30 promotional video

- How I made it to the front page of the most read Belgian Apple blog

 - A philosophical approach of the questions I asked myself

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