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iPhoto for iPad and iPhone - Michael Krimmer

iPhoto for iPad and iPhone

By Michael Krimmer

  • Release Date: 2012-04-24
  • Genre: Digital Media
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Taking photos is only one step towards obtaining a successful snapshot or a photo intended to capture an unforgettable moment. In many cases, you then need to edit the photo afterwards more or less extensively before it is absolutely perfect.

To create the perfect photo, you often need to crop the picture to the section you want, amend the colors if they are not quite right, change a color picture to black and white to create a specific effect, and so on.

Up to now, we had to edit photos at home or in the office on the Mac or Windows PC. Editing photos on the move was possible, but previously restricted to very basic manipulations, for example rotating or cropping the picture.

Thanks to the iPad we now have a device that offers a larger screen and sufficient processing power. What was lacking previously was a suitable software that can make use of this processing power and offer image editing in high quality. This software is now finally available: iPhoto has arrived on the iPad and iPhone.

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