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15-Minute Reiki - Chris Parkes & Penny Parkes

15-Minute Reiki

By Chris Parkes & Penny Parkes

  • Release Date: 2004-06-07
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
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Bring the healing art of Reiki into your everyday life wherever you are and treat yourself and others in just a few minutes. Whether you are in a busy office, on a long-haul flight or simply trying to relax you can use your hands to restore energy, promote sleep and alleviate pain, stress and worry.

• 15-minute Reiki treatments for extensive range of health conditions and personal issues.
• Both authors are highly experienced Usui Reiki Masters and life coaches, and run their own popular and successful Reiki school with courses up and down the country.

Summary of contents
Part 1 All About Reiki.
Explanation & history of Reiki, hand positions for self-treatment & treating others.
Part 2 Healing with Reiki – wide range of 15-minute treatments
A–Z of how to treat everyday complaints, e.g. sore throats, headaches, flu, PMS, panic attacks, RSI, toothache
A–Z of how to treat and support chronic conditions, e.g. asthma, ME, high cholesterol, HIV, cancer, IBS
Reiki for first aid (burns, cuts, bruises etc) and travel (jet-lag, DVT, Sars-like viruses)
Part 3 Reiki to Transform your life
15-minute Reiki exercises to nurture your spiritual well-being, raise self-esteem, restore your energy, harness your inner power, clear the past, forgive others and transform your life.
Parts 4 and 5.
Q&A section, hypnotherapy and Reiki, finding a teacher, resources.

A very practical and comprehensive book that is easy to follow and easy to dip into. Ideal for all levels.


“In 15-Minute Reiki, Chris and Penny Parkes easily show the advantages of practising Reiki for as little as 15 minutes a day. I highly endorse it!”
Dawna Walter, presenter and author of LIfe Laundry and Reiki Master

“As well as treating all kinds of physical conditions, you learn how to eliminate energy drains, harness your inner power, nuture your spiritual well-being and live the life of your dreams. Read it and be inspired” Uri Geller

"This excellent book is holistic in the very truest sense. Not only dealing in the most informative way with the fascinating subject of Reiki, it also acts as an indispensable workbook to aid self-development … it is a book I shall turn to time and again."
Professor Jayne Goddard, President, Complementary Medical Association

About the author

Chris and Penny Parkes have been Reiki Masters of the original Usui system of Reiki for 10 years. In 1995 they founded The Reiki School to provide high quality Reki training for practitioners and Masters. They teach Reiki courses throughout Britain and are the authors of Reiki: The Essential Guide to the Ancient Healing Art (Vermilion, 1998).

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