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iPhone & iPad Secrets (For iOS 11.4 & 11.3) - Samuel Harris

iPhone & iPad Secrets (For iOS 11.4 & 11.3)

By Samuel Harris

  • Release Date: 2017-09-15
  • Genre: Software
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Best Kindle eBooks Collection of iPhone & iPad Secrets (For iOS 11.4 & 11.3) a create by Samuel Harris can use downloaded with free registration. And to unsubscribe register, please contact by phone is Client that has been provided in the registration. Many of the benefits you get, because in addition to this iPhone & iPad Secrets (For iOS 11.4 & 11.3) and other Bestseller eBook in the years, you can also downloading thousands of Kindle eBook, movies, MP3 and other best digital files.

Get the most out of your iPhone (including iPhone 8 and iPhone X), iPad, and iPod touch, and discover the hidden features you never even realised were there.

iPhone and iPad Secrets explores the amazing built-in features that you are unlikely to find without being shown. These 'secret' features enable you to do more with your device, get things done more efficiently, and have more fun!

Discover how to:
• Use more than one app at the same time on your iPad
• Drag and drop items between apps
• Add special effects to Live Photos
• Scan documents with your camera
• Make using your iPhone with one hand easier
• Charge your devices more quickly
• Take photos at the same time as recording video on your iPhone
• Share digital purchases, iCloud storage & more with your family
• Type with your voice
• Navigate 3D photo realistic models of major cities around the world
• Personalise Siri to address you by name
• Switch between apps quickly and easily
• Get fast access to important information and settings
• Improve the photographs you've taken, and take better photos in the future
• Use turn by turn navigation without draining your battery quickly
• Have music play as you wake up or go to sleep
• Stop your device from bothering you while you're trying to sleep
• Effortlessly keep friends and family updated with your latest photos
• Stop companies from tracking what you do online
• Have your device read webpages to you aloud
• Make your battery last longer
• Use apps while in a call
• And much more, all with the built-in software on your device.

This book is designed to be as simple as possible to follow, but also enjoyable to read. Through the use of interactive elements, you can choose how much depth you would like to read into on each subject.

Fully up to date for devices running iOS 11, you'll find yourself quickly getting more from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch than ever before!

(This user guide contains tips for all devices that can run iOS 11. Not all devices support all tips, but where this is the case, it is indicated in the book.)

Thank you for your read this iPhone & iPad Secrets (For iOS 11.4 & 11.3) in the, may be useful for you and we will update it about the latest Kindle eBook and you can download it for free in 30 days trial.

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