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A Beer With the Devil - Darryl Harrison

A Beer With the Devil

By Darryl Harrison

  • Release Date: 2012-09-16
  • Genre: True Crime
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Well, drugs and alcohol ignites the fuel of insanity in this particular traumatic true assortment of tales.The very first yarn is known as The Scandalous-ass Birds. This particular story regarding wicked-ass birds that frustrate airport officials once they make a practice of congregating on the airport runway. An airport supervisor hires a Dimwitted dope-smoking PI to get rid of the birds with severe implications.The Second tales is termed The Very Best Air-Racer. This story is all about a cancer patient who’s dying wish is to meet up with his idol, a drunken-ass air racer.Third story is called A Sizzling Performance. This bag full of crisis is about a drunk-ass old homeless woman who actually believes she’s a cabaret singer.The fourth scenario is referred to as Free Draft Beer At The Corner Bar. This kind of tales about a former busboy searching for work in this tough-ass economy. Then he stumbles on a bar that gives away beer.The fifth story is called The Sick World of Mr. James Beats. This stories pertains to a man who calls himself “Mr. James Beats” who’s terminated from his meat packing Co. after twenty years due to the lousy economy. He has a difficult time coping with the situation, turns to psychoactive drugs and alcohol, and goes completely loony.The sixth story is known as A Bizarre Bus Ride. This specific story is about a kid who takes a strange bus trip to his abusive aunt's house.

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