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8020 Business Process Design - Ian Ramsay

8020 Business Process Design

By Ian Ramsay

  • Release Date: 2012-10-01
  • Genre: Management & Leadership
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8020 is the first formal approach based upon the exciting new field of Artefact-Centric BPM, previously the domain of academic research but now accessible to all.
8020 formalises these pragmatic techniques into a concise, business oriented & vendor independent extension to traditional methods & is designed to work in harmony with company governance & vendor software configuration methods.
8020 has enabled the business & technical teams to converse using a precise, common language.  A set of easily understood process constructs that faithfully represent the real world business operations, using simple terminology, yet in a form appropriate for immediate automation.
8020 most notably reduces; analysis effort, translation errors, rework, operational risk & development costs.
This book focusses on the 8020 Process Design and Automation Method.  Other aspects of the 8020 Approach such as Process Mining and Process Landscaping are covered in separate documents.

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