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The Incredible Human Potential - Herbert W. Armstrong & Philadelphia Church of God

The Incredible Human Potential

By Herbert W. Armstrong & Philadelphia Church of God

  • Release Date: 2012-11-05
  • Genre: Christianity
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It’s positively astounding! It has remained undiscovered by science! No religion has revealed it! Higher education has never taught it! Is it possible the whole world has been deceived-regarding the awesome purpose of human life-about the way to world peace and how it will come? And could it be true that the real gospel message Christ brought from heaven revealed this missing dimension-but was suppressed? This is the eye-opening story of the real gospel message of Jesus Christ-of how this missing dimension was withheld, and the whole world deceived.

In this book: 
• Christ's Gospel Was Suppressed—Not Heard From the First Century Until Now
• The Startling Revelation of What Was Christ's Gospel
• The Incredible Human Potential at Last Revealed!
• Pre-Existence Before the Material Universe 
• What Led to the Creation of Man?
• How God Planned to Reproduce Himself!
• Bridging the Gap Between Human Man and the Ultimate Spirit-Composed Sons of God
• Why Today's World Evils?
• Why the Church? 
• Just What Do You Mean… Conversion?
• Human Nature-And How a Whole World Is Deceived About Its Origin
• Is There Life After Death?
• World Peace-How It Will Come

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