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The Simple Guide to Selena Gomez - Chris Scott

The Simple Guide to Selena Gomez

By Chris Scott

  • Release Date: 2012-11-19
  • Genre: Music
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Selena Gomez really has lived a fairy tale. Growing up in an average neighborhood, going through the divorce of her parents and being an only child could have been lonely, she did grow up with many other children. She got the inspiration for acting from her mother. After being in a band she has now decided to concentrate on her acting.  Has she now met her prince charming, how will this story end?
Selena rose to fame in her role as Alex Russo in the Disney show, Wizards of Waverly Place. The Simple Guide To Selena Gomez takes a trip through her life so far.  Her early days growing up in Texas, inspiration for her acting career and her roles in Barney and Friends where she met her BFF Demi Lovato.  What chores did Selena have to do as a child, did she ever get grounded?  Just a few of the questions we answer.  Selena is developing into a beautiful young woman and after spending a few years with her Band "The Scene" has now decided to concentrate on her acting career.  With friends like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber we are going to be hearing more about Selena in the future.  Make sure you know where she came from by reading this short, simple and wonderful book.

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