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Hugh Manitee's Book of Memes - Jake Lyron

Hugh Manitee's Book of Memes

By Jake Lyron

  • Release Date: 2012-11-20
  • Genre: Philosophy
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Hugh Manitee's Book of Memes is a living ebook which the audience can write. Jake Lyron's award winning book "The Shrink from Planet Zob: Psychiatry for a mad World" told the story of the alien psychiatrist who came to Earth to share his wisdom with Hugh Manitee, the world's most ordinary Homo sapiens. That encounter led to Hugh's book of memes, a collection of thought provoking essays by other Homo sapiens from around the world - the 'memes'. The memes will spread virally around the Internet and help us to live better lives - for relationships, the environment, for peace, to put an end to poverty, to protect animals, find unity of beliefs, to create honour in politics and balance in the media. Any aspect of life where there is scope for improvement is relevant to the book. So share your own wisdom in Hugh Manitee's Book of Memes - download the book, read the memes, and then send in your own meme through the dedicated website. "Lyron has dreamed up an inspiring way to improve our lot in this world - sharing memes which promote quality of life. His book and the associated website deserve to spread far and wide around our beautiful planet." - Sir Ranulph Fiennes, 'the world's greatest living explorer.'

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