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How I Backpacked Europe - Daniel Hardie

How I Backpacked Europe

By Daniel Hardie

  • Release Date: 2013-01-02
  • Genre: Europe
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How I Backpacked Europe is a short recount of my backpacking experience.

I took the leap of faith a few years back, before becoming a travel agent and then onto travel writer and have written detailed guides on how to backpack Europe, but in this guide I want to share with you my journey and where I had backpacked and some of the experiences I had overseas.

From travel in Italy, to Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, to finding a job and a place to live in London, plus all my short breaks and highlights throughout the life changing year I backpacked Europe.

If you wish to backpack Europe yourself, then download this eBook and find out about my story, but if you’re really keen and want to find out detailed information on how you too can enjoy the benefits of this life changing experience then I suggest you grab the details guide Backpacker Europe.

The detailed covers in more details about obtaining work visas, how to find cheap travel, safe travelling, insurance, finding work overseas, plus the Euro Destinations Guide and a whole lot more.

For now, start with my story which I hope will inspire and motivate many people, including you to backpack Europe.

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