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The Magical Cat Ghee Vol.1 - Daitaro Nishihara

The Magical Cat Ghee Vol.1

By Daitaro Nishihara

  • Release Date: 2013-02-10
  • Genre: Other
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THE MAGICAL CAT GHEE Vol.1 English version (Story 1.2 & 3)

〜Bravery Will Save You〜

Story 1: Durhein Under Siege

In Durhein, known as the "Country of Beauty,"magicians governed under the peaceful rule of King Al-Aktha. 
One day, a strange light fell from the heavens, turning all the magicians into cats. From thenceforth, magic was oppressed. No one knows why such a terrible thing happened.

The world's only hope is one once known as the "Magician of the East;" now just a cat called Ghee. Ghee and his companions set out on a long, tireless journey to bring back a world filled with hope...

Story 2: The Crazy Magician

After saving Ciesta from near-death, the magical cat, Ghee, helps her to escape from the prison. However, a bounty has been put out for the two of them. Why is it that peaceful magicians were turned into cats? Who did such a thing? Will the horrors of the cat curse be brought to light?! 

Story 3: The Calm After the Storm

A sudden transformation causes Ghee to attack Ciesta. What's more, a frenzied battle breaks out with assassins from Durhein! Will Ghee, under the cat curse, be able to go up against his strongest enemy? What is the thing that awakened Ghee during his internal turmoil?
Ghee and Ciesta go after their strongest foe on a long journey to get back the things they hold dear...

Author: Nishihara Daitaro

1971: Born in Hiroshima City, Hiroshima
1991: Honorable Mention, 8th Annual Jump Shonen Manga Award
2000: Honorable Mention, 46th Annual Shogakkan New Comer Award

Other Works: Kinniku Banzuke Side Story "Kaiketsu! Kongo-kun", 
Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker, Terra Renaissance I and II, 
Uematsu Electric1 "Chase Your Dreams" The Story of Tsutomu Uematsu

Main Characters

Was once known as the greatest magician in the land, but has lost much of his power since being turned into a cat. He's set out to achieve one certain goal…

A 15 year old girl who holds the world's last book of 
magic. She's chased after by those that want the book.

A crow that's helping Ghee. Can speak with humans 
and can translate the language of cats.

A strange knight who's following Ghee's group. He says he wants to become a great knight, but the truth of that is unknown. Is he a friend or enemy?

Prison Head Sirdeath:
The director of the unescapable Gel Sirdeath Prison. Imposes hard labor on the prisoners who have rebelled against the Country's philosophies. 

Close advisor and number two to the King of Durhein. 
An ironfisted politician who's ordered a clampdown on citizens who support magicians and the use of magic and put out the order for the capture of Ghee's group.

Ghee's betrothed. Was turned into a cat before she could answer him about a wedding. Left with some farmers, she awaits Ghee's return.

Veno Veno:
A dark magician. Has brought misfortune to the world with curses and his devastating power. Hates the very existence of the world.

A once talented magician who is now Veno Veno's footman after being turned into a cat.

King Al-Aktha:
The ruler of the country of beauty, Durhein. Once, a man of character who supported magic but, after a certain happening, he's clamped down on magic.

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