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Living By Faith In A Broken World - Larry Chkoreff

Living By Faith In A Broken World

By Larry Chkoreff

  • Release Date: 2008-03-01
  • Genre: Christianity
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Christian Discipleship
God never intended for us to live this life in our own strength and by our own abilities.  He wants to return us to “normal,” the original blueprint for mankind.  In the Garden of Eden He gave Adam everything he needed to live abundantly.  God even gave Adam dominion over the earth and all animals and plants.  He gave Adam a “family business,” the Garden, to tend.  
Adam’s primary responsibility was to maintain intimacy with God, daily listen to His Word, which was represented by the Tree of Life, obey Him and carry out His commands.  Satan convinced Adam and Eve to live by their own intellect and he also convinced them that listening to God’s Word on a regular basis was not necessary.  He convinced them the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, their own intellect, was good enough without God’s Word.
Returning to “normal” for us means maintaining an intimacy with Jesus and the Father through the Holy Spirit all throughout the day and night.  As we hear Him speak, faith is planted in our hearts as a seed, and if properly maintained, will bear fruit in our lives.  The fruit is more than enough for everything we need for life, godliness, and for expanding God’s Kingdom on this earth.

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