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The Seven Business Secrets of the Masters - Brian Morgan

The Seven Business Secrets of the Masters

By Brian Morgan

  • Release Date: 2013-05-14
  • Genre: Small Business & Entrepreneurship
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This free eBook has extracted the vital business principles from a master work by Brian Morgan, The Richest Man in Persia. The application of these business secrets will ease the way to success, whereas ignorance of them will almost certainly lead to business doom.
This internationally acclaimed story-teller has woven a rags to riches story and set out in detail the steps necessary for wealth, success and peace of mind.
Brian Morgan, and his character Tragoas, desperately want future generations to understand the need for integrity in life and work and to learn the principles of creating abundance, both financially and in other ways.
This is not a get rich quick book, though real riches are certainly its aim. To put it briefly, The Richest Man in Persia's formula for success is this: The 11 Codes of Riches plus Integrity equals Abundance plus Personal Success plus Peace of Mind.
Brian Morgan has produced a rags-to-riches story, beautifully told, as an inspiring and motivating guide to people of all ages. It's for all those who seek a better lifestyle with riches of all kinds. His vision was to create a beautiful gift book for all who deserve something better in life.
Reviews for The Richest Man in Persia and Business Secrets:
Review by: Marc Kneepkens
I wish I had read this book many years ago when I started out. . Brian Morgan has presented timeless ideas in a beautiful story. He sets out what is important in business and in life by giving codes that can be applied in anyone's life.
If you are not too sure of your next step in life, if you want to become wealthy, or if you want as much wisdom up front as possible, and avoid the path of mistakes, this book can be your compass. Read and reread it.
This book is highly recommended for young people, business people, and everyone looking for a 'rich' and full life. The wisdom in these words is indeed priceless.
I will recommend it to my children, my friends, my clients, and my business relations.

Review by: Fiorella
This book tells a fascinating story and sets out all the principles needed for creating wealth and personal success.
It tells a story about how a man called Tragoas became the richest man in Persia by following the wise advice of "masters" or mentors. It's a great read. The 11 Codes of Riches are absolutely full of wisdom and practical advice.
As the owner of a web business, I was especially interested in the Seven Business Secrets of the Masters. This is a collection of the very best small business advice I've seen. It's hard to see how you would not succeed brilliantly if you followed this plan.
I recommend The Richest Man in Persia for anyone who is dissatisfied with life, or has lost a job, or just wants something better. It's a book you'll read and keep for reference whenever you need a boost.

Review by: Don Darkes
Before you read and gain inspiration from this book, read the resume of the author, a business and thought leader, a professional writer and an accomplished teacher, who clearly has applied the principles he has used to drive his own successful careers and his own life. Then open the pages and be transported as he eloquently illustrates how some values never vary. Perhaps you, like me, will read it for the first time in one sitting before you return to it again and again.

Review by Vivienne Edwards
An absolute Must Read.
Format: Paperback.
I began reading this book last night and could not put it down. Brian Morgan gets to the heart of business in an original and compelling way. As an author and business owner myself, I found this to be both helpful and entertaining, while detailing vital business truths. I would like to see this book in every high school and college. Even if you are not a business owner, the way of life suggested herein would benefit everyone. Brian has don

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